Building Futures

Who we are

We are compelled by love: a love that shows up in the world as practical demonstrations of goodness that builds the lives and futures of people, advocates for those who are disadvantaged and will not tolerate injustice when it encounters it.

We are determined to see entire communities transformed through people who have discovered that their lives are valuable and their existence meaningful, and empower them with the resources necessary to interdependently build sustainable futures and to invest in the generational well-being of the people and communities with whom we engage.

As a team we are passionate to step into complex issues encountered in developing nations with challenging circumstances and find creative and relevant solutions to improve the holistic welfare of individuals and communities.

We have been actively involved in community upliftment and improvement initiatives since 2014 and have successfully implemented numerous innovative solutions that are sustainable in the context of developing nations and underprivileged communities and translate into both immediate and long-term results.

Our Approach

Our long-term approach to community upliftment strategies is to move people from being dependant on the charity to independence and self-sustaining:

  • We are reimagining traditional sustainability models in the charity space that are dependent on external inputs and aim to replace them with sustainable models that are linked to economic empowerment, thus creating entrepreneurs.
  • We will develop in-demand skills that will equip individuals and communities with tools that they can use internationally.
  • We will grow with people through coaching, mentoring and counselling

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We serve as a bridge that connects people to people, people to expertise and people to community. All our initiatives are intended to be implemented locally in Zimbabwe and regionally within our SADC region through partnerships.

We advocate a holistic, integrative approach to our initiatives and, on a foundation of sustainable business framework and coaching, build interwoven systems throughout our solutions; you cannot impact agriculture without education, education without health, health without agriculture and any of them without systems and structures to support it all.

Skills Development & Employment

Coffee Shop

Employment opportunities for members of the community to earn an income

Business skills transferred in the areas of barista training, shop management training (front of house, supplier relations, stock control etc.) and customer relations.

The proceeds from the coffee shop have been reinvested into the community by means of contributions to feeding programs.



Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe and Zimbabwe has a rich heritage with coffee and historically has produced some of the best coffees in the world. With that in mind, we intend to initially start with an in-growers scheme focussing on the speciality green bean industry. We will introduce new tree varieties, train farmers with new knowledge and skills, including various processing methods, and connect them to international markets where farmers will directly benefit from a direct trade model.

Herbs and Spices

Partnering with an organization that has 12 years’ experience in the field, we will establish and in-grower scheme with farmers focussing on organic herbs and spices that have a high international demand. Once established, we will start working towards value addition to these products to increase the offering to the international market.



A basic human need, yet so few have access to clean, suitable drinking water. We will create access to clean, potable water for communities by means of borehole drilling and water filtration systems.

Food Relief

Zimbabwe is presently faced with a major humanitarian crisis. With no food security for nearly 8 million people, crop failures due to droughts and cyclones, and the current COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, it is critical that we address food security. We have partnered with an organization in South Africa that enables us to provide an individual with three nutritious meals a day for US$ 0.70. A family of six can have three meals a day for under US$ 3.

The meal packs are manufactured to cater for our daily nutritional needs and only require hot water for cooking. Our food pack solution is ready to address any food security problems within the SADC region immediately



Partnering with one of the top coding boot camps in the United States, we intend to train some of the top underprivileged high school graduates who do not have an opportunity to further their studies. Coding is one of the top skills that learners can develop and will remain an in-demand skill for many years to come. The online program will train learners in one of three coding specialities and the learners will also have a mentor present on a daily basis to help them navigate the course. Mentoring will be an integral part of the course, focussing on the holistic well-being of the learner. Upon successful completion of the 10-month coursework, the student will be employed by a company that will help them develop their experience in a controlled environment.


Partnering with The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), we will train baristas and give them an internationally recognized certification on completion of the. This 3 to 6-month program will provide the individual with a skill that promotes employability locally or internationally